About us

Our project is one of the largest networks of gaming communities, in the world social network Vkontakte

More than a 4.800.000 gamers now go beyond, solve the hardest problems and are not afraid of the future, they bravely look it in the eye and challenge it!

Who else looks like gamers? That's right! Those who believe in cryptocurrencies and use them all over the globe

We combined these seemingly different trends and made the Crypto Game community

Our team of enthusiasts has made a bridge between the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency industry!

It's made possible by our huge network of Crypto media portals, which has over 30 million people!

Now you will see our huge network of communities in VK, media portals



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Our Mission

Our team's mission is to popularize crypto projects in the CIS. We believe that a future where people use cryptocurrencies!

Thanks to us almost of the population will see information about your Project, and it is more than 75.000.000 people who believe in cryptocurrencies and see the future in them!

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